A seductive, historic location immersed
within central London


The most popular shared and private event for Companies with a further choice of 9 private dining areas

Winter is coming… experience a fantasy land where dragons wassail this Christmas 2017

This Christmas step into the dark side and experience our immersive theatrical production. A medieval journey, set within a land of archaic culture where winter reigns long, this event will take you on a journey encompassing the lives of each noble house. It is a battle of the brave and bold with torturous consequences.

Come ready to eat a five course banquet with wine and ale and to finish the night by dancing till late.

  • Stunning 10,000 sq ft historic venue
  • 450 seat capacity
  • Individual vaulted private dining areas
  • Full Medieval Show with over two hours of entertainment
  • Bold and skilful fighting knights
  • Glamorous aerial acrobat and contortionist
  • Remarkable Jugglers and hand balancers
  • Costumes available for purchase or hire
  • Excellent transport links


“A Medieval Feast in the captial will lead you to one place only - St Katharine Docks, this the home of The Medieval Banquet.”
The Telegraph

“would like to congratulate you and your team for running a wonderful everning full of delicious food and some great drinks.”
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

“Great atmosphere. The beer wenches were brilliant and the contortortionists will stay with me for ever! Brilliant night out.”

“Thanks for a great night. My group had a great time.Visiting at Christmas.”


Our on-site events and theatrical production team are experienced in delivering interactive and memorable events to a wide range of clientele. You will join this Medieval Banquet as a royal guest where you will shout for your wench, Wassail with knights and bang the table in appreciation. Guests experience a night in the court of the King enjoying live music as balladeers play and sing ancient song. Marvel at the grace of beautiful acrobats and the energy of our jesters.


Midday Feast - Includes half a bottle of wine
£45 12:15 - 16:00 1 Dec to 23 Dec

Nightfall Banquet - Includes unlimited wine and Ale with the meal

£59 Tues & Wed 19:15 - 0-00 24 Nov to 23 Dec
Nightfall Banquet - Includes unlimited wine and Ale with the meal

£69 Thu to Sat 19:15 - 0-00 24 Nov to 23 Dec

Lunch £30/Dinner £40

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